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I recently was trying to figure out how to like the Facebook page of one of the franchise stores from the brand page of a client. This blog article was a big help:

Nicole has a lot of great beginner guides for Facebook that walk you through different procedures step by step. After I liked the franchisee’s Facebook page, I could then tag the page when composing a relevant status update (another helpful blog post from Nicole guided me through this as well).

2 thoughts on “Networking with other Facebook Pages

  1. Facebook used to be so straightforward but now with the increased marketing, content algorithms, and site updates it is becoming more and more confusing for those not familiar with their platform. I’m glad to see there are resources out there to make it easier to understand.

  2. Daniela Stoyanov

    thank you for the informative post. It looks like Nicole has very useful information to share with us and to make our lives easier. It could be very troublesome to try doing something you are not sure of and tips like these are a life saver. Thanks again!

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