Dancing Squares around Facebook

Dancing around Facebook

Teaching Old Dogs…

Many people have the impression that square dancers are from an era long, long ago, and have no place in the Internet generation of today. A couple of years ago my husband and I took a series of dance classes with a club in Garner, NC. Not only did we learn some calls, enough to hang with any club doing ‘Mainstream’ level dancing, we met a lot of neat couples and were able to maintain a regular date night in the midst of all the chaos of family life raising 7 children.

If you’re an old dog yearning to learn some new tricks as well, I can definitely hook you up with some great trainers!


Our Class Graduation Ceremony – I was in my 3rd Trimester with our 7th!

Reaching an Older Generation Online

One gentleman we met, Suptei Rogers, uses social media to both promote his career as a caller and the pastime of square dancing in our modern American (and even International) culture. He uses his business website, Circle Left Productions, and a Facebook page to connect to his audience; Facebook is particularly suited to a demographic of ‘experienced’ Americans. He engages his audience with regular posts about his whereabouts as a caller (as far away as Washington State, and most recently in the New England states). Private groups can contact him easily through his page to schedule events. Estimating that he spends around 20 minutes a day with social media, he makes sure to respond to every comment and inquiry with near immediacy.

Suptei’s Facebook followers include dancers from all over the world. He converses with dancers and fellow professional callers. Even though square dancing does not know state or national boundaries, North Carolina locals can still use his page to find out where and when dances are happening in the area. He also utilizes the Triangle Square Dance Alliance website and Facebook page. His accessibility online ensures that both new and old dancers are never left feeling ‘square’.

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